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Sand Casting

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  1. Bronze Sand Casting

    Bronze Sand Casting is done by a specific process which includes placing a pattern in the sand for creating a mold and then incorporating it into the gating system. The pattern is then removed and cavity is filled with molten metal, which is later cooled and part is removed by breaking sand. It is done to make plumbing assemblies, machine parts, instrument components, and washers. This technique produces strong structure with dimensional accuracy and high precision.
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  2. Sand Casting

    Sand Casting is done to make pipes, flanges, couplers, valves, connectors, cap, barb, diverter tee and elbows. It is technique, which uses temporary mold made of silica, zircon, or chromite sand that is later broken once molten metal is cooled. This type of casting technology can make any shape of assembly with excellent dry strength, refractoriness, and cushioning properties. It is a cost effective method of metal fabrication which assures dimensional precision and smooth surface finish.
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  3. Wheel Sand Casting

    Wheel Sand Casting is a method of metal fabrication where mold is created with the help of sand in desired shape and size. Wheel produced by this casting technology can be used in automobile sector, for drive pulley, electric or hydraulic hoists, and in heavy duty construction vehicles as well. It is made from cast iron to assure its robustness, durability, high impact resistance, and rust proof nature.
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