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  1. Self Priming Pump Casting

    Self Priming Pump Casting is widely used in water treatment plants, ETPs, and textile, paper & pulp, chemical, dye processing, and paint industries. It is required for lifting water from a low level to high, which is achieved by creating a partial vacuum. Also known as centrifugal pump, this casting is done using rich grade stainless steel alloy to assure its ability to withstand adverse properties of salt water, slurry, & harsh chemicals present in the liquid.
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  2. Investment Pump Casting

    Investment Pump Casting is made by a special process which uses a duplicate structure for fabricating the required part. It is utilized in petrochemical, cement, fertilizer, & beverage processing industries and sugar mills. This casting is ideal for applications that include working with slurries, wastewater, gases, and oil. It encloses all the pump parts including motor, gears, and bushings. This can be made in different structural configurations and sizes specifically required according to the purpose of use.
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  3. Centrifugal Pump Body Casting

    Made from rich grade low carbon steel alloy, Centrifugal Pump Body Casting is known for its supreme dimensional accuracy and structural precision. It is comprised of several parts including stuffing box, packing, shaft & its sleeve, casing, vane, impeller, wear ring, & discharge nozzle. This body can easily be utilized for electrical & hydraulic operations and is admired for its leak proof nature. It can also be installed in petroleum & engineering machinery, tractor, and mining equipments.
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  4. Pump Part Investment Casting

    Pump Part Investment Casting finds its application in dewatering, irrigation, chemical processing, and power generation industries for producing turbine blades and cooling systems. It is fabricated using lost wax casting technology in which a duplicate structure is casted using an original one. Part produced by this method is known for its excellent surface finish, dimensional precision, and is free from any parting lines or flash.
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