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  1. Investment Valve Casting

    Investment Valve Casting is fabricated using a replica of an original pattern that is required to be made. It is based on the principle of lost wax casting method of metal forming which is highly appreciated for its high dimensional accuracy & superior surface finish. This casing technology is capable of making even extremely intricate parts with great precision. It is required for manufacturing strainer casings, pump assemblies, engine box, gear parts, and turbocharger rotor.
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  2. Industrial Investment Casting

    Industrial Investment Casting is a special technology for making metal assemblies with supreme structural accuracy and high precision. This process includes producing master pattern, creation of a mold, making & assembling of wax pattern, application of investment material, dewaxing, pre-heating, pouring, and divesting. It is used for fabricating numerous components & assemblies utilized in automobile, military, medical, intelligence, and aerospace sector. This method of casting does not produce any flash or parting lines on the surface.
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  3. Gate Valve Body Casting

    Gate Valve Body Casting works by lifting a rectangular or round gate in vertical position to allow the movement of processing fluid. Also known as sluice valve, it find its application in petroleum & wastewater processing industries and effluent treatment plants. This is used in die casting process in which, melted form of metal is pressurized into the mold cavity and immediately cooled to get the desired shape & size of assembly.
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  4. Brass Casting

    Brass Casting is a technique of metal forming required for fabricating plumbing assemblies, pipes, fasteners, electrical components, flanges, door handles, and decorative items. It is made using a metal alloy made of copper & zinc in specific quantities and is known for its excellent mechanical & electrical properties. This casting has smooth edges and is admired for its long lasting life & high corrosion resistance.
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