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Bronze Casting

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  1. Phosphor Bronze Castings

    Phosphor Bronze Castings are available for tap assemblies, plumbing parts, pipe fittings including connectors, reducers, & diverters, nut bolts, and door handles. They are made from a copper alloy having specific amount of tin & phosphorus. These castings are known for their low coefficient of friction, toughness, high strength, and fine grain. They have excellent resistance to extremely low and high temperature conditions. Using phosphor bronze for metal fabrication is recommended due to improved fluidity of its molten form and better castability.
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  2. Phosphor Gunmetal Bronze Casting

    Phosphor Gunmetal Bronze Casting is ideal to be used in food processing, fermentation, brewing, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. It is known to have supreme resistance from steam & salt water and has excellent toughness. This casting can be done for making hydraulic assemblies, valves, statues, gear box casing, bearings, gear wheels, and couplers for extreme pressure applications. It is known to have good tensile strength and high melting temperature.
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  3. Metal Bronze Castings

    Metal Bronze Castings are done for making sculptures, piping system assemblies, machine components, and hardware parts used for domestic & commercial purposes. They are made from copper alloy having about 12% of tin with some amounts of manganese, nickel, or zinc. These castings are very hard in nature and have great wear resistance, optimum friction properties, and good corrosion resistance. They have the capability to work under extremely low temperature conditions.
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  4. Bronze Casting

    Bronze Casting is utilized in various industrial sectors including pickling, power plants, food & beverage processing, metal fabricating, and automobile. It is made using die cast technology which uses special molds required for high pressure filling of molten metal in its cavity. This casting technique can make fastening assemblies, door handles & knocking assemblies, levers, architectural components, and piping system parts. It is highly appreciated for reduced defects, structural precision, and smooth surface finish.
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  5. Gunmetal Castings

    Gunmetal Castings are suitable to be used for high temperature and pressure applications including hydraulic & pneumatic machines. They are made using red brass alloy which is comprised of about 88% copper, 8-1 % tin, and 2-4% zinc. These castings are greatly admired for their supreme hardness, good tensile strength, and high durability. They also include bushings utilized in automotive engines, heavy duty trucks, and agricultural tractors.
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  6. Gunmetal Bronze Castings

    Gunmetal Bronze Castings are comprised of tin, lead, zinc, & nickel in specific proportions to assure their desired physical & chemical characteristics. They are ideal to be used for sea water service, assuring low flow rates, cryogenic applications, and in some electrical appliances as well. These castings are known to have good thermal & electrical conductivity, thin parts castability, non magnetic & sparking nature, and excellent fouling & impact resistance.
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